Keeping your family safe

Taking on inflation by making government spending

more efficient

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Fighting for mental health resources

I have worked to ensure we have adequate staffing in the jail, and continue to work to decrease booking times so our police officers can get back out on the street where we need them most. I’m also a proponent of Mobile Crisis Outreach Teams who can assist police officers when there is a behavioral health crisis. Keeping you and your family safe is a top priority.

You are dealing with high gas prices, rising food costs, and expensive housing. The last thing you need is government wasting your money. I will continue working to invest in fiscally responsible long-term solutions and cut wasteful spending so you can keep more money in your pocket.

We all know a friend or family member dealing with mental health issues. My own family has struggled. I’m proud of the work I’ve done on both the county and state level to fight for more mental health resources. I have helped make decisions regarding our three-digit crisis line, as well as advocated for our new mental health receiving center. I will continue fighting to ensure you have the information needed and access to resources should you or a loved one need help.

Other important issues


Housing affordability - I’ve supported $20 million of ARPA funding for affordable housing.

Air quality - Besides LEEDS certified buildings and electric county vehicles, I’ve also supported additional transit options and hybrid work schedules to reduce emissions.


Intergenerational poverty - I founded and chair the Salt Lake County Intergenerational Poverty Task Force, bringing together state, county, city and school districts to work to break the cycle of poverty.


Transparency - You deserve to know what your elected officials are doing and how they are spending your money. I have advocated live-streaming council meetings on social media, improving accessibility to council agendas and minutes, and increasing budget transparency.


Open space, parks, and trails - It’s important that you and your family have places to play and exercise. As the former chair of the Jordan River Commission, I fell in love with the Jordan River and support maintaining the trail. As the land in our valley develops, I support having open space and trails for our residents to use.


Working across the aisle - The current political climate fosters hate and division. I refuse to cave to political partisanship and recognize there is more that unites us than divides us. I value ALL viewpoints and I strive to find ways to work together. I take pride in being known as a council member who works across the aisle to find the best solutions. That will never change.